5th Qatar BIM User Day – BIM Implementation and Management

Ibn Khaldoon Hall, Qatar University, Doha – Qatar (November 5, 2015)

Topic of the Day: ‘BIM Implementation and Management’

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Moderation: Robert Grys | HOCHTIEF ViCon

08:00 Registration, open exchange, refreshments
08:30 Dr. Rashid Alammari, Dean of the College of Engineering | Qatar University
Welcome | Opening Address
08:45 Nura Al Neama, Student from Qatar University
BIM Introduction from a student’s perspective

  • Personal introduction and Nura’s way to BIM
  • BIM education and future of Qatar
  • A students perspective on the BIM User Day
09:00 Mohamed Mohsen Abdelhamid | Engineering Consultants Group
BIM management process planning and implementation

  • Explaining the BIM management process through project’s lifecycle
  • Developing the BIM execution plan and BIM process maps
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of BIM teams
09:20 Dr. Hichem Barki and Dr. Fodil Fadli | Qatar University
BIM in use: Towards safer buildings and cities

  • 3D-BIM reconstruction from traditional 2D-CAD
  • Guidelines for identifying BIM model requirements for emergency preparedness
  • Evacuation network reconstruction and hazard simulation in high-rise buildings
09:40 Siraj Rehman | CH2M HILL – Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy
The SC approach to project BIM collaboration

  • BIM on the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ Program
  • BIM for collaborative working and establishing the importance of joined up thinking
  • Tools to help collaboration across the integrated project team
10:00 Gunnar Godawa | HOCHTIEF ViCon Qatar
BIM process implementation and management on Qatar mega projects

  • Implementation and management strategy
  • BIM process development and execution
  • Case study: Qatar Rail Projects and Lusail City
10:20 Speaker Group 1 – Q&A session
10:30 Break: Open Exchange | Refreshments
10:50 Andrew Snowball | Cundall
Defining the role of the BIM Manager

  • Why appoint a BIM Manager?
  • Defining types of BIM Managers
  • Defining BIM Manager’s roles & responsibilities
11:10 Alan Muse | RICS – Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
RICS – Decision making, training and BIM

  • Decision making in construction
  • BIM standards and training
  • RICS training programs
11:25 Mohammad Obaidullah | Qatar Design Consortium
Understanding stakeholder roles in BIM

  • Importance of client interests and involvements
  • BIM – an adoption curve
  • Case study – Walk through Qatar’s 2022 Al-Bayt Stadium (Al Khor)
11:45 Speaker Group 2 – Q&A session
12:00 Break: Lunch | Open exchange | Prayer Time
13:00 Imran Mohammad  | Arab Engineering Bureau
BIM in the Cloud – myth or reality?

  • Understanding work sharing environment (WSE)
  • Understanding cloud computing
  • Moving BIM work sharing environment to cloud
13:20 Dr. Abdelaziz Bouras | Qatar University
BIM Interoperability Issues: Lessons learned from PLM

  • Interoperability issues from the PLM experience
  • Understanding the limitation of open and hybrid interoperability standards
  • Discovering current data preservation solutions
13:40 Laura Smagin | Atkins
Live modeling techniques on a single project; with teams located around the world

  • Understanding workflows using Revit Server with Clarity
  • Utilizing your companies global experts without having to relocate staff for projects
  • Using technology to bridge oceans for collaboration and coordination
 14:00 Matthias Krampe | Augmented Reality Investments Pty. Ltd.
Expanding BIM into Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • Integrating AR/VR into BIM based construction projects
  • 3D visualizations to improve the design decision making process
  • Current and future AR/VR use cases throughout the project lifecycle
14:20 Speaker Group 3 – Q&A session
14:35 Break: Open Exchange | Refreshments
14:55 Muhammad Jabakhanji | Alpin Limited
Perspectives on UK BIM standards & local adoption

  • Understanding main concepts of the UK BIM (and ISO) standards
  • Recognition of the role of BIM in the project lifecycle
  • Appreciation of steps required to adopt best practices, if not the entire standards
 15:15 Dr. Racha Chahrour | HOCHTIEF ViCon Qatar
Prof. Nashwan Dawood | Teesside University

Development of a whole lifecycle information flow approach enabled by BIM modeling protocols and technologies for Qatar Construction Industry

  • Introduction to the research project
  • BIM protocols for Qatar; objectives and deliverables
  • Achievements and current status
15:35 Speaker Group 4 – Q&A session
 15:50 Summary & closing remarks
René Schumann, International Operations Director | HOCHTIEF ViCon
16:00 End

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