5th Qatar BIM User Day: Presentations


Nura Al Neama: BIM Introduction from a student's perspective

Mohamed Mohsen Abdelhamid: BIM management process planning and implementation

Gunnar Godawa: BIM process implementation and management on Qatar mega projects

Andrew Snowball: Defining the role of the BIM manager

Alan Muse: RICS - Decision making, training and BIM

Mohammad Obaidullah: Understanding stakeholder roles in BIM

Imran Mohammad: BIM in the cloud - myth or reality?

Dr. Abdelaziz Bouras: BIM Interoperability issues: lessons learned from PLM

Laura Smagin: Live modeling techniques on a single project; with teams located around the world

Matthias Krampe: Expanding BIM into augmented and virtual reality

Muhammad Jabakhanji: Perspectives on UK BIM standards & local adoption

Dr. Racha Chahrour: Development of whole lifecycle information flow approach enabled by BIM modeling protocols and technologies for Qatar construction industry

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