Delegate Survey 5th BIM User Day

The last Qatar BIM User Day was held on November 5, 2015 the 5th consecutive event in the non-profit series. The unique format attracted 263 delegates, from 16 countries including the MENA region, USA, Europe and China. It was the highest number of participants so far spanning from students to CEOs, from young professionals to long-time experts all engaging in diverse presentations, networking opportunities and knowledge exchange.According to the popular tradition of the previous four events the introduction was delivered by a student from Qatar University, who introduced the audience to BIM from her own perspective and experience. The following process section featured turnkey solution outlines for BIM management process planning, safer buildings and practical examples from Qatar’s Mega Projects, like the world cup stadiums, Doha Metro and Lusail City. The people section illuminated BIM key roles, stakeholder interests and training developments and trainings in the region. Interoperability issues, product lifecycle management and live modeling using cloud computing were covered in the technology section, where delegates were also able to participate in a live augmented reality demonstration with their own mobile devices. The conference day was completed by the current state of local adoption of global standards and the latest results of the Qatar BIM Project within the policy section.

We would like to thank all delegates for their attendance and vivid contribution to the interesting discussions that took place during the day. Special thanks go to our speakers; for their passion and the valuable knowledge transfer which gave an insight and an outlook on the industry.

The immense interest and growing number of attendees over the past three years have shown that the demand for BIM services in the region is steadily increasing. The event series has been an invaluable opportunity to bring together regional experts and interested parties from all areas of the industry, and to increasingly involve students and young professionals to be prepared for the growing demand in Qatar.

Please check this space for future events as the success of the Qatar BIM User Day is sure to continue. Stay up to date and follow us on Twitter.

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Participants said about the event:

“Presentations were relevant to the current Qatar market.”

“An essential inside to BIM and how it works in the entire project.”

“Open forum for industry to exchange information.”

“The event addressed different levels of BIM which was very useful for every kind of user.”

“Good venue, good staff, good range of topics.”

“I am just a learner and after I came here I understood how BIM works, got a little more knowledge on that. It is an awesome concept to gain more knowledge on.”

“Thank you again for the great organization. The event was great, congratulations”

“A chance to figure out what other firms think about BIM.”

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