Delegate Survey 1st BIM User Day

Following our request for delegates to respond to the first Qatar BIM User Day survey, we would like to thank all those who participated.The results revealed many interesting points, and encourages us for the next three events, scheduled to take place this year and next year. We saw delegates attending from a range of business categories, and possessing many and varied job titles. An emphasis on Engineers, BIM Specialists and Project Managers was seen, along with many representatives from construction and contracting companies.

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Among the attendees, we saw many students and professional, with 46 countries represented. Importantly, approximately 92% of attendees stated that overall they were satisfied with the event.

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Respondents said about the event:

“An opportunity to meet and talk to experts in the field of BIM, with real world experience.”

“It opened my horizons and prospects to move along with the latest technology.”

“The high quality presentations talked about real issues not simple marketing. The play by the students was very, very good.”

“The students’ role play was a very effective means of explaining the purpose (of BIM) in broad terms, followed by detailed and informative presentations from well informed quality speakers.”

Once again, we would like to thank you for your attendance and in making the event a real knowledge platform. See you at the next BIM User Day!

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