Delegate Survey 2nd BIM User Day

The results of our delegate survey revealed many interesting points, and encourages us for the next two events, scheduled to take place next year. We saw delegates attending from a range of business categories, and possessing many and varied job titles. An emphasis on Engineers, BIM Specialists and Project Managers was seen, along with many representatives from construction and contracting companies.The image below illustrates some key findings of the delegates survey.

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Respondents said about the event:

“Very informative. The presentations and the students role play were excellent and the speakers did a good job.”

“The whole event was successful and energized us to look for more education about BIM. The last workshop hour was good to understand the whole concept of BIM.”

“I liked everything, because it was very new and interesting for me. I hope it is going to change my personal work.”

“BIM will be the future for the construction industry. That was highlighted very well in the Qatar BIM User Day.”

“The event was well organised.”

“The most important thing was the training session at the end, as its an essential part to get introduced to the BIM world.”

“The free access to the event is much appreciated, especially for us students.”

Best regards,

Organising Committee
Qatar University, ViCon Qatar and Teesside University

Should you be interested to receive a certificate for your attendance to this event, please contact us at info@bimuserday.com and we will be happy to provide one.

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