Delegate Survey 3rd BIM User Day

The survey results provide some interesting insights into BIM in Qatar. The results reveal that a vast majority of skilled people in BIM acquired their knowledge through company based training and self exploration. Of the people surveyed 87% see BIM as having a large impact on their daily work now and in the future. “Skilled people” will shape the construction industry now and in the future. Education thus becomes a focal point to ensure the responsible implementation of BIM. The success of the event can be seen through the 186 attendees and the overall positive feedback, BIM is truly gaining momentum in Qatar.

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Respondents said about the event:

“I found the presentations very informative and extremely useful”

“It was very awesome, the speakers were great and the presentations were well done”

“It was well organized and provided a ideal place to meet some BIM experts and learn from shared experiences”

“The introduction was really great, where the students got together and explored the problems that occur onsite”

“The Introduction to Building Information Modeling handbook distributed on the day helped to expand my BIM knowledge, thanks for this invaluable resource”

Organising Committee
Qatar University, ViCon Qatar and Teesside University

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