Organizing Committee

Qatar University

Since its inception in 1973, Qatar University has become the country’s national and major institution of higher education. It is comprised of seven colleges and has seen over 30,900 graduates, and a faculty community of almost 700 members.

Programs offered at the University attract professional recognition through their emphasis on close working links with business, industry, and other professions. The University’s teaching and research are innovative, collaborative, enterprising, and flexible endeavors, based on the intelligent use of emerging technologies.


HOCHTIEF ViCon is a leading service provider and consultant for virtual construction and Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM is a method for optimizing planning, execution and operation of buildings with the help of 3D computer models and the associated databases.

According to our principle “Build digitally first”, HOCHTIEF ViCon advises and assists its clients in the use of intelligent 3D computer models in order to minimize risks early on, communicate more effectively, and save costs. In the areas of building construction and infrastructure projects, ViCon assists developers and projects with sophisticated hardware and software solutions, training, tried-and-tested processes, and the provision of project specific standards.

As BIM consultants, we are involved in various projects in Europe, Middle East, Australia and North Africa.

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Teesside University

Teesside’s campus is at the heart of Middlesbrough town center in the Tees Valley. With has more than 29,000 students, Teesside is given consistently good reviews in the annual national student survey. The university has an international reputation for computing teaching and research, and a health portfolio deemed excellent by professional and statutory bodies. Teesside’s library resources are ranked in the top 10 among all UK universities and the best in northeast England.

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