Video: BIM Introduction

This role play was performed by Nader Elharidy (ViCon) and  students of Qatar University as the introduction to the event series, the ‘Qatar ‘BIM User Day’, held on 22nd May 2012 at Qatar University.

The sketch shows a Project Manager dealing with various members of staff, as they came to collect the documents from his office in order to subsequently change the design, quantities, timetable and cost, highlighted the inefficiency of 2D drawings in today’s construction market and the ensuing problems of inefficiency and delay. After being joined by his off-duty son, the Project Manager is shown that BIM can create 3D drawings allowing live up to date information which has multipurpose functions such as tracking cost, time, use of material and space utilization, supporting facility management tasks, coordinating designs and visualizing complex designs. In showing that BIM can be applied to almost any project ranging from infrastructure to stadia the conclusion reached was that process, technology, people and policy were essential in getting BIM right. The students were able to convey the fundamental importance of BIM in a clear and comprehensive manner.

Students performing in the play were Momen Wael Anaya (BIM Manager), Ahmed Ahmed Al Barbary (Designer), Eslam Saad Abouelezz (Quantity Surveyor), Rana Jamous (Planner) and Khalid Abu Maali (Client).

Enjoy watching!

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3 Responses to Video: BIM Introduction

  1. Eduardo Sosa says:

    i woud like to see all conference.

    See you

    Thanks a lot

  2. Diva says:

    I came across your page just to look, but i had to leave this comment to say how much I appreciate your work. Thanks for the effort to organize this event.

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